IT Risk Management

Find vulnerabilities in your systems and detect threats before they become attacks.

Safeguards in a Data-Ruled World

Since we became an “online” world, information and data became a key resource in our society not unlike gas, electricity, or water. As such, data must be protected and handled with care and foresight.

We rely heavily on technology nowadays, with online devices surrounding us in our workplace and personal lives equally. All of these devices and the systems they operate on are sources of data that present vulnerabilities that can be exploited to the detriment of individuals, organizations, and our society itself.

Headwaters Group understands the need for proactive, preventive, and powerful cybersecurity measures to guarantee data safety for your business, your partners, and your clients. We provide vulnerability and risk management strategies for threat detection and response coupled with world-class endpoint security solutions to ensure you are protected on all fronts.

Our cybersecurity solutions are focused around proactive threat detection and immediate response to vulnerabilities. Our security systems are always-on, monitoring your infrastructure 24/7 with an immediate alert system for threats. Work confidently and disruption-free.


Focus on your organizations primary tasks and let our experts handle your IT security with multi-layered strategies and preventive threat intelligence in our arsenal. We are always available, always watching, and always alert.


Ensure protection against zero-day attacks for devices that bridge to your network. Our adaptive solutions find and resolve attack paths created by remote access to your main IT infrastructure from un-secured devices.


A Unique Approach

At Headwaters Group, we pride ourselves in our unique ability help our clients extract value from their IT without the risks and costs associated to staffing an in-house engineering team. Our approach is defined by our client’s needs and the truth in data. We aim for long term partnerships with a deep interest in serving your business and having a seat at the table as your firm grows. Trust, truth, and the success of your endeavor are at the core of how we do business.

With our vendor-agnostic philosophy, we ensure your business’ needs are understood first and foremost before we recommend any solution. The success of your enterprise is central to how we do business, so we strive to always deliver what is best for your project.

Let’s Find the Kinks in Your Armor.

Work with a partner interested in protecting the integrity of your organization.