Network Infrastructure and Applications

Build a robust network for reliable communications and applications.

Your Network is Your Backbone

We may be living in very wireless world, but there are still a lot of wires left to lay. Running a business in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world demands a robust infrastructure that can support its communications, applications, and flow of data. From network applications to cabling and Wi-Fi, there’s a lot of ground to cover to keep your business marching ahead.

The integrity and excellence of our network engineers’ work is one of the main reasons Headwaters continues to grow. Our best practices approach leads to efficient, reliable, and scalable network solutions that can sustain your business and grow with it. We value stability, security, and performance when providing our clients with network infrastructure they can trust.

Best-in-class materials for reliable and strategically designed cabling to support your network. Planned for optimal performance, installed for easy management, supported for quality and reliability.

Voice over IP is still a crucial necessity for any workplace. Choose between on-premise or cloud VoIP solutions that are modern, cost-effective, and provide clear communication.


Ensure stability and security in your workplace connectivity with high-density Wi-Fi deployments. Maintain speed and protect your bandwidth with performance optimizing features and analytics.


A Unique Approach

At Headwaters Group, we pride ourselves in our unique ability help our clients extract value from their IT without the risks and costs associated to staffing an in-house engineering team. Our approach is defined by our client’s needs and the truth in data. We aim for long term partnerships with a deep interest in serving your business and having a seat at the table as your firm grows. Trust, truth, and the success of your endeavor are at the core of how we do business.

With our vendor-agnostic philosophy, we ensure your business’ needs are understood first and foremost before we recommend any solution. The success of your enterprise is central to how we do business, so we strive to always deliver what is best for your project.

Let Us Help You Build The Foundation.

Communicate clearly, effectively, and mind your costs.